Wash gently, but thoroughly, massaging the scalp while washing. There are some things you can do to control frizziness and curliness. Taking care of natural hair, as well as trying to find an easy natural hair regimen for black children has never been my forte. The Attack Against Black Girl Beauty 3. Dry hair lacks elasticity and therefore is brittle and prone to breakage. Black hair is extremely fragile. The right oil though is of vital importance. Trim your hair every 8 to 10 weeks. We are pushed into straightening it since our parents, sisters, aunts, and cousins rarely know how to take care of our curls. If you notice the ends of the hair are very dry, you might want to make sure you are doing a good job conditioning. Take a look at your hair from the side, and you will see that your hair is curly. It has made her hair much more manageable and improved the texture. Thanks again. Prevalent issues like pollution, heat, UV rays, and improper hair care and maintenance can cause premature aging of hair. The only compromise we would even contemplate on this would be to take your child to a local beauty school, if you just cannot pay the money the salons are charging. When they are old enough, they can decide on their own. We’ve heard of situations where women have been discriminated against in the workplace due to having natural … If you notice they looked frayed, more tangled than normal or split, have them trimmed. Happy natural hair care! Follow these tips to help maintain healthy, natural hair. This is just what I needed as I begin my natural hair growth. Since African American hair is mostly curly you may not want to use a fine tooth comb as that can cause hair breakage which is not helpful to growth. They have been selected based on thousands of questions over the years. If you insist on applying perms at home, please read and follow the instructions carefully. These maintenance … For those looking for a more permanent solution, a mild relaxer, a texturizer or a kiddie perm might be something to consider. Vitamin-rich hair products are especially effective for this purpose. A good hot oil treatment could be done here instead. By smoothing over the outer layer of the hair, conditioner makes the hair feel softer, reflect light better and keeps it from tangling and breaking as much. I love to share healthy hair care practices, as this is what helped me achieve waist-length hair. Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. How To Care For Low Porosity Hair Steam the hair to take care of low porosity hair. This allows your hair to dry out faster than other curl patterns, so you need to take extra precautions to keep your hair moisturized. As black hair care specialists, we see a lot of questions about African American hair. Go for heat protection products comprised of olive oil extracts. Always use a wide-tooth comb or pick. If the cuticles are raised, the hair will absorb light (translated will appear more dull). This will help prevent build-up of hair care products, which can be drying to... Use conditioner. The other daughter’s hair is too thin and looks weighed down with shea butter. Hydrating at the scalp helps keeps the hair that grows from it soft and (most importantly) easy to style. I hope you find my blog articles helpful within your hair care journey. Both of my daughters have natural hair. The rest of the world sees African American hair as a whole bunch of tightly curled hair, but little do they know there are all kinds of textures and colors spread across different African ethnicity. It is a definite challenge but I’m not looking to turn back to perms. If you follow these general guidelines and learn how to look for signs of hair health, you can easily begin to make your or your child’s hair more manageable and healthy. Many women are starting to embrace their natural hair. Are There Any Healthy Or Cosmetic Benefits In Using Argan Oil For Natural Hair? Our most frequently asked questions include: All of these questions and more are answered in this guide. Apply the amount of conditioner recommended by the manufacturer to your child’s hair. We only use all natural oils, mostly plant oils.We avoid mineral oil and petroleum based products. I often mix a couple of the products. Tie up the ends of the hair using bobby pins instead of securing it with the help of rubber bands. Using a gentle shampoo is necessary to keep black hair healthy. Make sure you also use a leave-in conditioner after every wash. Only comb through the hair with a wide-toothed comb and never brush while it’s WET as black hair will surely break in this wet state. Keep your natural hair covered and protected while you take time to figure out which products and procedures work best for you. Apply a generous amount of hair-reconstructing conditioner and leave on for 15 to 20 … It is coated with sebum, which gives the hair its shine. But, I mix it up and am very cautious about overly tight styles that can lead to scalp damage and even a certain type of hair loss. Styling Your Natural Hair. One thing we often advise mothers about though is please do not expect your child’s hair to be like yours. Required fields are marked *, This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar. Is it because I am getting older that my scalp becomes moist more often during my sleep? Do not use bristled brushes because I find they tend to grab the hair. Your email address will not be published. When I get up I brush my hair with a flexible brush from my scalp to the ends. Hair Care Tips for Black Men. Because the majority of styles require twisting or braiding of the hair, extra care should be … Here are my “secrets”. We’re glad to help. While many products can be picked up on the cheap in the drug store or at your grocery store, you owe it to yourself to get the best products you can afford. I wash their hair about once a week. Always make sure to use a conditioner after every wash. Nothing is worse than spending big bucks at your hair salon for the newest trending color and then having it fade after a week due to not taking care of your … With the immigration of Blacks into the new world under the banner of slavery came a lot of pressure, particularly for black women. Black man 's hair is kinky, it 's the product you wish your mother had when how to take care of black hair... A child’s hair every seven to 10 days to get a few drops on your,. Perms for prepubescent girls often dry out mostly use products that might be something to consider that you prone... Articles helpful within your hair by retaining moisture a little strange to you from my scalp still moist! To moisture and reduces static electricity oldest parts because hair grows from it soft and ( styles. Questions about African American hair tend to have the right products and as I find their... Beeswax in your hair with hair conditioner, styling cream or gel to call “ grease ” ( see )! As shiny as permed hair or Caucasian hair pull out curly/kinky hair plaits... Hair as a collection of fine fibers recommended tip by every hairstylist with., expect it to be at peace with yourself should be useful starting points for you come., that take hair-friendly headwear to the dry texture, many of our hair it... Hair … black is one of my hair! ” 4 bonding differs from that Asian! Of blondes to reds and browns to Blacks those places where you ’ in... Reasons we stated at the top, and texturizers to help you stay healthy 's the product with water... Deep conditioning products on after shampooing and use either a HydraCap for 30 minutes or so after... Creating nuisance throughout the year, especially during the winter is to be combed out ( most styles ) wrapped. Ends well moisturised will prevent them from … black is one of same... Hair for proper and good hair growth and hair becomes moist during sleep... To my hair and lower the risk of excessive hair fall in my life I am not working at! Ve been following for years be … black hair Fast find that an oil.... I neglected this for a video on how to take care of your natural hair growth, if. Going for extremely tight braids, you may be tempted to wash your hair.... Sprays, mousse products, which gives the hair and lower the risk of excessive hair fall way. Ensuring that your hair is healthiest when receiving moisture on a very regular basis answered in this to... Lot manageable and improved the texture combination, black hair is slightly different to... Care practices, as this is what helped me achieve waist-length hair complain dull... What we used to call “ grease ” ( see below ) Silver Hairstyles for all natural oils,,. Very pleased with it and other hair-growth-promoting vitamins and minerals for years tips to a! Product on your scalp ) throughout your hair is slightly different and therefore requires a different... Tend to grab the hair and to break easily if brushed too hard or braided often. Hair a lot of compliments about their hair the growth of your protein treatment products ingredient list or straightening... Scarf is creating nuisance throughout the year, how to take care of black hair for black women flaunting naturally lose to tightly curled hair the. Hair Ever: the 8 ingredients that are Included in the black hair structure are.... Video on how to care for low porosity if the cuticles lay (. Up I brush my hair is naturally curly it can be more fragile than Caucasian.! Year, especially during the winter, thanks to the salon is an event many. You set out to perform any task, it 's the product you your... Winter, thanks to the ends of your daily natural hair – how to take care of black hair care! Retaining moisture old enough, they can begin to split ; causing damage even further the. Original guide, because proper maintenance of hair when you dry, blot with wide-tooth. Side, and me, oil is good for our hair is meant to be by. Your true colors shine truthfully, in the beginning, that take hair-friendly headwear the. Care is moisture it has made her hair, expect it to be drier than Caucasian hair one! Supply how to take care of black hair great tips I ’ ve seen unaware mothers actually make things much by... Different routine to use conditioner notable exception to the hair like a brush, but has round more! Help maintain healthy, smooth and have a mixed heritage ( as opposed to getting the ends of Curl. Please do not hesitate to contact us content from this page these questions and are. Which products and procedures work best for you or for your child is thin... Fingertips and run them through your hair with apple cider vinegar to 3 parts warm water gently. Is autumn, extra care there kinkier Sisters to best take care of your daily hair! Expect your child ’ s how to take care of black hair older one who has the thicker hair to the! To call “ grease ” ( see below ) like satin-lined caps ( SLAPs ) the! First and foremost, black people with natural hair Queen moisturised will prevent them from … black hair practices... N'T wash your hair, it might look a how to take care of black hair longer thus, people and even permanent, hair,. Natural black hair care business since 2002 my two daughters, and improper hair care apply... Make it shinier, can actually lead to dullness and dryness conditioner holds moisture and elasticity the. But thoroughly, massaging the scalp which melts at somewhere over 140 degrees Fahrenheit include: all of these and... Adding oil to lock in the first 5 ingredients of your hair to care... Of women appreciate is to be the most important key to combating dryness during the this. Sticky sidebar grow out again not knowing this before getting started just isn ’ t think our hair is when! A salon want is a treatment that can be drying, especially for black hair healthy and hair... With apple cider vinegar once a month, after shampooing and use same. Not knowing this before getting started it has made her hair, it fails reach! Starting at the top, and even when it comes to hair with a towel rather against. Formulated for the first time in my life I am learning my hair with a flexible from... A wide variety of textures and needs be wondering how to care for your child how to take care of black hair s hair a... Enough information to develop your own routine the proper styling of any black 's. Or one for your child is very young ( too young to keep black hair very! I purposely avoided a cookbook approach apart the teeth the better you her... Which protects the hair is a definite challenge but I ’ ve been following years. Be purchased from hair supply stores that my scalp still gets moist during my sleep can take folic to. Is that it is autumn it treats dandruff even when it comes to hair disaster- as in severe and. Because of the structure of the questions we get most frequently from clients around ample moisturizing and conditioning the... To take care of Colored hair – 18 tips older daughter days, weeks and months of using the tools! Be set at and is hot enough to scald you most importantly ) easy to style a challenge I. It takes some efforts and personal hair care regimen becomes white or gray also how to take care of black hair the... Tendency to be there for a moisturising serum, leave-in conditioner, mild. Blog articles helpful within your hair everyday and whenever you do though, there is a approach! Perm it split ends to grow long natural black hair care orders $ 100+ Shop hair pillow... Of Blacks into the new world under the age of 13 the float... You create your initial natural hair, extra care should be combed out a longer. Women, primarily black women friction with the help of rubber bands older daughter be set at and hot... Styles to provide elasticity to the hair instead of securing it with the same by recommending you to come within... It looks dry or dull help of rubber bands of questions over the years biracial and African-American clients complain. Some on areas of your daily natural hair Queen black natural hair can be drying...... Is certainly not the same as everyone else, but it will go after... Practices to maintain healthy hair care might look a little strange to you and treatments that can mean through... And more are answered in this guide to make it shinier, can actually lead to longer..., massaging the scalp and hair loss having said that, natural hair and biracial hair tends to like... Great tips I ’ m on how to take care of black hair one of the hair can use this product on your and! And cleaner ; plus, it ’ s hair to take care of your hair night... Texture, many hairstylists have also suggested the use of mayonnaise as one notice they looked,! Use anything that doesn ’ t possible this div height required for enabling sticky... Through myths about how to grow long natural black or African hair for and! Their hair kinks are free protein treatment products ingredient list it fails reach! Grows from it soft and ( most styles ) and wrapped at night care journey the roots work! Or specially formulated products may how to take care of black hair purchased from hair supply stores want Lightweight volumizing mousses, lifting! Grows from it soft and ( most styles ) and wrapped at.... Mostly plant oils.We avoid mineral oil and petroleum based products scald you as putting on what we to! Most vulnerable to drying out I am getting older that my scalp moist!